New hero concept: Barry and Twiggs

Two redneck midget ( little people to be PC) brothers who have an appetite for blowing things up. Barry and Twiggs do everything together since they were children and thus come as a package deal. Barry is the oldest carries the homemade trebuchet on his back. Twiggs is slightly smaller and crafts the naplam cocktails which the brothers launch. They count for 1 team spot and can only see part of the brother’s heads until their coverage is exposed. They are a support mechanical hero whose role is isolate field while also having the ability to repair allies cover. The napalm balls will be slow projectiles and can be evaded but will explode for small area effect. They will have low health but harder see and hit until cover is destroyed.

Bronze skill: ( Pitch Toss) Barry and Twiggs lauch a barrel of Pitch onto the field that covers a wide area. Enemies caught inside the area will suffer from 50% movement speed. Pitch will stay the battlefield for 20 seconds or until struck by naplam ball. The Pitch is ignited when struck by a naplam hit and causes intense heat. Enemies will be silenced and suffer burn damage for 10 seconds.

Silver skill: ( Fortify Bunker) Barry and Twiggs work rapidly to repair and reinforce the cover directly in front of them. The cover’s hitpoints will be doubled and last until destroyed. While behind the fortified cover the brothers will take 60% reduced damage for 15 seconds or until cover is destroyed.

Gold skill: ( Patch Up) Barry is a master of southern engineering and uses mortar or repair cover and minor triage. Thus able to repair cover infront them and another ally’s cover. He also uses the mortar repair the brothers cuts healing them for small amount as long remain behind some cover.

Platinum: ( More for the Bang) Twiggs is a culinary chef of cooking up cocktails and is able to increase the area of effect of the naplam blast and Pitch. Also passively increase the ammo capacity from 1 to 2 naplam balls.

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YES! This is awesome!

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I’ve always wanted to try and have a character that was actually 2. Like this, or (in a different game) maybe a pack of wolves. The idea seems interesting to me.


Thanks appreciate the feedback.

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