New hero concept: Cesar

Cesar is a seven foot tall cyborg who is a ruthless killing machine. He was built by a mysterious inventor who wanted nothing more than revenge. He got it, but at what price? Only Cesar knows.

Cesar is a frontline hero who uses a custom weapon that is built into his body (one shot at a time, slow but powerful) that gets more dangerous but overheats and must reset over time. Every five second he increases his weapon level. He begins at level 1, increased damage, then level 2, increased fire rate, then level 3, cannot be stunned and bonus elemental damage, and finally overheat, he is stunned but gains armor. Then he goes to level 0 with no bonuses.

Bronze, Fueled shot: prepares for a powerful shot that brings his weapon to the next level.

Silver, Inevitable Drive: hits an opponent, dealing minor damage, if the opponent was damaged they are stunned. They also lose attack damage for the next 7 seconds.

Gold, Unkillable: the first time cesar would be killed, he remains invulnerable for 10 seconds, is stunned and improves all healing by x. And yes, level 3 directly counters the downside to this ability.

Platinum, unstoppable suppression: at level 3, Cesar also gains the ability to root anyone he shoots. If all enemies are rooted during level 3 he gains a shield that lasts until destroyed.