New hero concept: Eligor

Eligor is a warrior who fights for revenge. His father was taken by Kurtz and he strives to take him back. With his chain and sword gun, Eligor is a slow but powerful tank who punished people who strikes him first.

Bronze, Vengeful Drive: Eligor attaches a chain to an enemy, pulls himself forth and damages them greatly. Afterwards, he cannot be staggered for 5 seconds.

Silver, Counter: For 15 seconds, whenever Eligor is damaged by an enemy skill, he activates this and hits them back for a certain amount, with high chance to stun.

Gold, Sweet Revenge: when Eligor takes lethal damage he hits back with a very large amount of damage in a big blast, but this is easy to avoid as it is quite slow.

Platinum, aegis: whenever an enemy uses a skill, Eligor gains a small amount of armor that lasts for the rest of the match. This stacks upon itself.


I really like how Eligor is a Counter Attack and Revenge based hero. Interesting idea.

Also, it’s says Eligor’s father was taken by Kurtz, and the he wants to take him back. Who is his father? Why was he taken? By taken, do you mean forced to fight for the KLG? Does he willingly fight for the KLG? Is he an existing character? If not, it would be interesting concept to have a father and son duo concept. I really like this one! Good job. (maybe add some photos? :man_shrugging:t2: It would make it look more appealing too!)