New hero concept “Jotun”

Jotun is a front line energy tank that controls the flow of battle by isolating targets. He’s frost engine core allows Jotun to freeze targets and provide crowd control. Jotun’s passives further add disruption and increase survivability.

Weapon: slow rate of fire
Ammo: 16 round

Bronze skill: (Ensnare) Jotun latches onto to an enemy bringing target to him and rendering target helpless. Jotun begins taunt enemies for 10 seconds while target is incapacitated and uses target as a shield. Skill does minor damage initially and target is incapacitated for 4 seconds or until X damage is received. Target is released back but Jotun continues to taunt for remaining 10 seconds.

Silver skill: (Encase) Jotun freezes target completely in a block of ice. The target is froze solid but suffers no damage for 6 seconds or until the block of ice receives X damage. Allies AoE attacks or directly attacking the target will break the enemy free. Jotun heals each second while target remains frozen.

Gold skill: (Cold Snaps) When Jotun receives any heal Cold Snaps buff is triggered increasing rate of fire by 30%, gains 40% chance to stagger enemies, and ignore X armor of enemies for 3 seconds.

Platinum skill: (Frost Armor) Passively increase Jotun’s armor by X additionally while Jotun is taunting he gains 5% when struck to freeze target for 2 seconds. Only 1 target maybe frozen this way at a time.

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