New hero concept “Preacher”

Preacher was a priest before the collapse but has since taken up arms to fight for a better world. He fights on the frontlines and use his voice to rebuff the enemy team and inspire his allies. He is designed to potentially turn the tide of battle by protecting one squishy ally and rallying troops when an enemy dies.

Bronze skill: (Condemn) Using the power of his voice he debilitated the enemy the longer the shout continues. The ability is channeled for up to 8 seconds if he is not interrupted and damage increase every second.
2 second mark all enemies are stunned for 2 seconds
4 second mark all enemies become disoriented for 6 seconds
6 second mark all enemies armor is reduced by 15% for 10 seconds
8 second mark all enemies positive effects are removed

Silver skill: (Bless) Preacher give his blessing to his allies by increasing their damage by a small amount and allowing their rounds to ignore an armor percentage to enemies under negative enemies effects. The effect last 12 seconds but can refreshed if an ally kills an enemy of while under the affect of bless.

Gold skill: (Grace) When an ally’s health reaches 30% Grace is triggered and any damage done to the ally is transferred to Preacher. This comes at cost to him as the damage will be increased by 30%. Only one ally can be under the effect of Grace until the ally’s health reaches 50%.

Platinum skill: (Redemption) If an ally kills an enemy while under the effect of Bless then Preacher and any ally under the effect of Grace are healed.

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