New Hero Concept: Professor Frost - Chill Scientist

New Hero Concept: Professor Frost - Chill Scientist (3 Star Hero)

Element: Biochem

Faction: KLG Irregulars

Position: Rearline

HP: 3/5
Armor: 2/5
Damage: 5/5
Skills: 3 /5

After failing Kurtz, and being forced to fight for the KLG, Professor Frost has now become a ruthless killer. Before joining, he was a fearful and timid man, but through this consequence Kurtz gave him, he has found a new version of himself. One that is equally brave and deadly.

Professor Frost

Professor Frost would look something similar to this. The big poofy jacket and the blue and the white would tell him apart from others. He would have a darker blue on him though. Something more like this. He would wear boots similar to one in the image. He would also have glasses, and that evil looking grin. (Kinda like Razorback)

His Weapon: Frozen Sight

Shooting Rate: .63 rounds /sec

Ammunition Capacity: 5

Recharge Time: 4 seconds

Damage: High

Bronze Ability:


  • Sends out a storm of extremely cold winds, giving each opponent a charge of Frostbite, and silences them for 5 seconds.

  • Each charge of Frostbite slows the target’s speed down by 50%, and deals x Damage for 10 seconds.

Silver Ability:


  • Throws a burst of Icicles at a target dealing x Damage, and rooting them for 10 seconds.

  • If the target is above 50% Health when hit with Icicles, he gains a personal Ice Shield absorbing x Damage.

Gold Ability:


  • If an allied Hero drops below half Health, he gains a charge of Frenzy.

  • Each charge of Frenzy boosts his weapon by x Elemental Damage, and doubles incoming health for 10 seconds.

Platinum Ability:

Counter React

  • If an enemy loses Health from “Frostbite” and is below 25%, he regains Health equal to the amount of damage dealt by it.

Professor Frost’s Backstory

One late night, in Professor Frost’s Laboratory -

Chills ran down his spine, which was quite ironic for him being a scientist who had been experimenting with below zero temperatures. What would I say? He thought. He knew that Kurtz would see through any lie he told. His only option would be to tell the truth, and face the consequences. But he would surely be killed would he not? Kurtz doesn’t accept failure, and I sure was one.

A few minutes went by. Then the sound of a Vanguard stomping its way down the hall. Professor Frost’s heart froze, (no pun intended) he waited for it to arrive. Moments later the wall explodes into pieces, knocking him back onto a table and over it. Out came walking a squad of Elite Rifleman, three Sentries, a Vanguard, and Kurtz.

“Professor, you have failed me for the last time.” said Kurtz as he walked into the building.

“But Kurtz, I only need more time! Please! I can stay complete the task you have given me!” Professor Frost protested.

“You could not finish Project KLG OMEGA in the time provided. You will be executed for your foolishness. Sentries! … Aim! Yelled Kurtz

“Wait! Wait! I’ll do whatever you want, just don’t kill me!” The Professor cried.

“Elite Riflemen!” … “Aim!”

“Please! No!”


The sound of gunshots echoed in the room. But instead of hearing a body falling next, the sound of ice shattering. Kurtz’s jaw dropped. He stared at the very much alive Professor Frost. How could this be? He thought.

“It worked!” Professor Frost exclaimed. “My experimental Ice Shielding works!”

“Can this be reproduced on a larger scale? Asked Kurtz in a different tone.

“Well, if given enough time, and the proper amount of the Isotopes…”

“Good… real good.” Kurtz mumbled. “Do you have a copy of the plans?”

In a hesitant voice, Professor Frost responded with “Uh, yes… they are right over here.”

Kurtz moves over to the Vanguard, and whispers something to it. When the Professor returned with the plans, the Vanguard grabbed Professor Frost off the ground and Kurtz says “Just because you’ve done one smart thing, doesn’t mean it cancels out the foolish.”

Kurtz began to walk away, and turned around and said “Anything?”

“I beg your pardon?”

“Anything … You said you would do anything to live?”

Beginning to regret those words, Professor Frost responded “Uh … well … I guess I did say that.”

“Professor Frost … go get your hands dirty … real dirty.”

“But Kurtz, I was never trained for combat!?”

Kurtz had an evil looking grin on his face. “Sentries! … Elite Rifl-”

“Ok ok! Just don’t kill me. I’ll fight for the KLG, alright?!”

Kurtz’s grin grew even bigger…


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