New Hero Concept: Rin Rin - The Always Child

Element: Mech Icon_ElementMech
Faction: The Watch Faction_TheWatch_Color
Position: Frontline

Hp 2/5
Armor 3/5
Damage 1/5
Skills 4/5

I will be completely honest with you, I don’t care how the war goes, as long as I am with my uncle I am happy.
Every day we play and have fun, even when uncle is a little angry, he always manages to bring out a smile for me.

Disruptor - Heavy Fighter - Glass Armor - Flailnado

  • an apparent little girl with a slender body but a tremendous destructive force, she throws herself into the fray not caring about the danger destroying anything that has the misfortune to meet her.
  • Always cheerful and smiling, she has a huge level of curiosity that almost always gets her into trouble, she has a slightly wild and very rebellious nature but if she is assigned a job by “her uncle” she does it without complaint.
  • At the moment of the encounter with The Watch, she hit her head making her forget almost everything about her past, but from what it suggests is that she is of Nipponic origins, that she is much older than she seems and suffers from Peter Pan syndrome.

01_BronzeFlail Rain
slams the target and everything arounds it two times with her massive energetic flails dealing enormous damage.

  • Each slam can disorient all hit enemies for 15sec.

02_Silver Butter Press
Squash the target dealing an insane damage stunning it for 8sec and destroying they armor and reducing it it at 50% for the rest of the game.

03_Gold Dokidoki
when this hero recieve health, she increase the damage of her weapons for the entire duration of the heal

  • if one of the skill is activate during the heal, they will cause extra damage as the total health recived.

04_Plat Gyroscopic Accelerator
Skills can now being charged before use for increasing even more their final damage and adding more crowd controll effects.

How to use:

To charge the skill, simply press and hold the activation button for about 3 seconds.
When the hammers are charging they will appear in three different colours Red (no or little charge), Orange (halfway) and Yellow (fully charged).
Each second increases final damage by 33.4% and adds one or more crowd control effects.

05_Ruby Tanked Up

She is apparently a girl of about 13-15 years old, but in reality she is 34.
Her body’s block growth is due to a growth hormone deficiency, while the psychological block is due to the Peter Pan syndrome and an obscure trauma, which gives her childish attitudes and categorically refuses to enter the “adult world” but ironically and hypocritically she has nevertheless entered the war.
She is very short in stature, her skin color is a very light pink, her hair is light brown double buns, her eyes are almost always closed and her teeth are strangely pointed.
She wears a red sleeveless Chinese dress slightly shorter on the skirt with gold embroidered designs, a pair of black tight-fitting trousers and slip-on loafers.
She has also an alternative look that changes her hair color to raven black with two ponytails, the dress is longer while the colors change to white and blue decorations, silver black pants and loafers

Her Weapons: Rolling Stones
Are a pair of miniature pump-action shotguns that can transform into two flails.
have low damage and rate of fire, but virtually unlimited ammo with semi-automatic fire

Class: Shotgun
Shooting Rate: 4.05
Ammunition Capacity: Virtually Infinite
Damage: Low

All icons are taken from around the forum

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That’s an interesting character, I like it. What would her hitbox size be in comparison to other heroes?

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