New Hero Concept: Supporter

Supporter has failed in nearly every physical exam she has been given and bullied in her young childhood. But she used her smarts to get into a top tier university and there she cultivated her chemical injections. From there on she called herself Supporter, and has been invaluable in helping teammates. Though she still can’t beat anyone in a pure fire fight, as long as she’s with someone else, she can almost guarantee they’ll win.

Faction: Chemical
Position: Rearline

bronze, Alden’s Reaction: infuses an ally with a chemical that increases their fire rate and damage while charging up. After five seconds, if the ally has been damaged it gives them three seconds of invulnerability.

Silver, Drake’s Discovery: throws a potion at an allies’ area, this increases cover durability (health) and offers a small chance at the cover reflecting damage. If this potion is already active it heals the cover and gives it armor.

Gold, Volatile chemicals: Each chemical now deal damage to all enemies once they expire (Drake deals once the cover is destroyed)

platinum, True supporter: while she is alive all allies have boosted health and increase all healing by 5%