New hero idea: Gust, wind controller

I thought about real life shooting and how snipers often have to aim not directly at you because of the wind, and then suddenly I thought, what if there was a hero that displayed this concept.

Position: rearline

Bronze, Wind of Power: Gust creates a strong tailwind that boosts her basic weapon damage but slightly alters her shot in a consistent direction shown in the graphics (maybe leaves blown)

Silver, one with the wind: she lets the wind help her movement, granting her 50% movement speed and Minor regeneration

Gold, flight mastery: she cannot be lifted, bronze grants 15% lift chance for 3 seconds and she deals bonus elemental damage to lifted opponents

Platinum, the wind blows: wind of power now affects the opponents controlled character aim as well in a random consistent direction, and deals bonus damage to shields


I like it! Very innovative with the wind control idea, it could certainly have a controlling effect on opponents.

Did you mean bullet trajectory? and second, gold seems a bit of a waste if they can’t even lift enemies.