New hero idea: Michael the Spellcaster

Michael casts spells with a wand. He channels the power of the angels with his seals and retains them by taking damage.

Position: midline
Faction: idk probably not chemical

Bronze, Hallowed strike: Michael begins with three seals (this is his max) and each time his health is reduced by 20% he regains a seal, and his skills cooldown by 50%.

He spends a seal to jump forward, deal massive damage and stun the opponent. If he has no seals, this skill cannot be used. This skill begins at 80% when the battle begins.

Silver, sacred shot: Michael spends a seal to dodge all attacks from rearline for 5 seconds, And charges up for a powerful shot. Cannot be used without a seal.

Gold, immutable armor: each time Michael uses a seal he gains 15 armor

Platinum, sealed power: Michael has additional basic damage proportional to how many seals he has