New milestone for bounties

With the increase in level cap and total time spent in game players have become stronger and it has become increasingly easy for most alliances to hit the top milestone… However what about after that i mean most players slow down after we feel our position is basically secured… How about a radical new move… increased milestone levels… 60k milestone 100k and 200k milestone I’m pretty sure I’d be doing a lot more to hit that 200k milestone


This has been said post few months though, but I completely agree


I agree. Having more milestones to reach would make people play more. Also the 6-25 position on the leaderboard is too big an interval. The difference between the 6th place team and the 25th is huge. Breaking it into 6-15 and 16-25 would make more sense. It would also increase playing because there would be a fight for 15th and 25th during the last few hours.

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It’s the same with the top 100


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