New PVP Suggestion - Defenders-Battle Mode


I came up with this kind of some PVP battle. It might be the same as actual PVP but the thing is here, there is some power core you need to destroy in order to win the battle.

The Power core is found at the behind-most area. The power core is covered by a wall. This wall can be destroyed, of course. But the problem is, you need to let your opponent stay away from stepping down the button which can be found behind the barriers of the hero, randomly positioned. You can identify the positioned button by destroying the opponent’s barrier, fully destroyed to see the glowing light of the button.

Each time the core’s wall is destroyed, the wall will be reconstructed by 2 or 3 seconds, before becoming fully repaired, by pressing the buttons for 2-3 seconds…

Thus, if your core’s wall is destroyed, you need to run all the way to your button so that the wall will be repaired again.

If time runs out and both power cores are not destroyed, the number of standing heroes is observed to determine the winner.

This will be an offense-or-defense battle.

Let’s see which side will you choose.

What do you think of this idea? is it yeah or nah?

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I can only think of this


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