New PVP Suggestion: Multi-PVP - Tag Team

Good day guys.

I have another suggestion. First things first. This is not an Extra Game idea… This is somehow a new PVP. This is a Multiplayer PVP.

Here’s how it goes.

You need to pick 3 heroes first. But put this in mind that this is not an ordinary PVP like the current PVP. This is a Tag Team PVP where you will be using one hero, and you can switch another hero from your chosen 3-hero team. In short, one hero at a time.

After you have chosen three heroes, you will then be matched by 4 players. Each player has their own chosen hero of course and also you will see what color does each player has.

Once the game starts, you will be brought to a circular-shaped battlefield.

The colored dots are the players. The 3 triangular-shaped at the back are for the supporters. The small circle with 3 dots in center is for the Item Skill.

Before explaning the map. Let me show you the screen on your phone first.

On your screen, there will be some changes. There will be new button added named as “Switch Hero” located beside the 2nd skill and above the Fire/Shoot button.

Above the screen, you will see your heroes on left side, while the opponents’ currently selected hero is on the right side with their designated colors.

Now about the battle field.

There are 3 areas in the battlefield:

  • The Fighters’ Floor - is where the players run and hide and shoot. Run in a circular way. See the map above. As for the currently selected hero, you can heal your teammates even though they are not on your beside. (except for Operator and Nightingale which needs the presence). The skill cooldown will only move if that hero is on the field.

  • The Circular Podium - where the item skills are resting. This podium is located at the center but lower than the platform of the Fighters’ floor. This Podium will rotate in clockwise. Above the podium, there are 3 mini pods. Inside this mini pods are your item skills and you need to shoot them to get the skill. Above the pod displays a holographic image of the hero’s skill which changes into skill’s owner and vice versa. You can shoot as many pod as you can. But be cautious, there are two kinds of pods. This will be randomly shown.

The one with a green mark, which will help you as your advantage, while the one with red mark is a the opposite of how the green works, instead of using the skill as advantage to you, it becomes you disadvantage. (e.g. you shoot the red mark with the skill of Hideos’ EXO Leap, Hideo will use that skill on you, but if it is green, he will jump one of the enemies)
Other skills sample below.

  • Support’s Stand - is where the heroes stands in a holographic form. These stands are located at the back and above head of the players. The Support heroes depends on what skill item you have shoot. The platform where the support stands display the color of the player who has shot the item skill. in middle front of it shows the skill image.
    note: The support heroes are bot and it will automatically use their skill after called.*

The last one to remain standing wins.

What do you think guys? Is my grammar correct? Any corrections will do. Thank you. :slight_smile:

Edit 1:
note: The support heroes are bot and it will automatically use their skill after called.

Thanks: @Crank for the additional info

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