New team member + Q&A teaser!

A new team member! :partying_face:

Well, not exactly “new”, but new on Hero Hunters.

Recently you have seen @bulls.eye in the chats and in the announcements, especially on our Discord. I am happy to announce that in the coming months he will be fully transferred to Hero Hunters!

As of now he is already covering some of the communication work and trying to adapt in the game and in the community. But since you all are awesome, I assured him there will be no problems with that. I am right, ain’t I? :wink:

Some things you should know about Bulls:

  • He is a huge sports fan. Just say “football” out loud, wait 30 seconds and check the neverending conversation with Bulls on the topic.
  • His favorite Hero Hunters hero currently is Heimlock. Why? Because he is a combat medic, and takes care of others. :heart:
  • He is a content and meme king. Maybe one day we should run an online meme battle between him and me? :smirk:

You know what, how about we set up a Q&A session today with him? Sounds good, right?

Let’s make it like this:

  • 1 hour session will be held on our Discord server (q_a channel) from 9am till 10am PST
  • Grab some morning coffee and your most interesting questions to Bulls :coffee:
  • Please follow some basic rules: be polite, check out already answered questions, try not to interrupt answers
  • Keep in mind Bulls is not a developer. He is awesome, but not almighty.

See you in the session then!


Hmmm. When you say ‘football’ what exactly do you mean…?

he means soccer, but european

He means what they said, whole world calls it football, except usa.

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