News: Event Reward Changes

Good afternoon everyone!

We released Events back in 0.5 and it was well received by you guys, we saw a lot of people actively participating in the events we scheduled. Shortly after we began collecting feedback from many different avenues on how we could make these events even better. Today I’m happy to announce that based on your feedback we are going to be making some improvements to our Events. These improvements include reward structures and objectives.

  • First of all, we are going to be improving the rewards on upcoming events. We’ll do this by adding more reward tiers and increasing the Alliance leaderboard reward payouts.

These reward improvements will come incrementally. We’ll try to find a good balance between challenge and reward.

  • By popular request, we’ll be adding gold grade gear to the reward tables on some events. This includes gold gear you can’t currently get through the campaign.
  • We’re adding some new types of Blitz Event objective to give events more variety.

Let us know what you think!


Sounds great!

Curious to see what you guys cooked up!


Sounds great indeed, looking forward to it!

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sounds awesome, can’t wait to see the new rewards :slight_smile:

I’m sure you’ve already seen that there’s an error in the event folder. Missing entries

Hm a whats this?!no entry

@DSD, @Carlos_Carvalheiro. Thanks for the heads up. We did a deploy last night that seemed to have unintentionally released an unfinished event. We’ll be fixing this up shortly!