Nice Matching System

Lol very nice matchmaking

Hmmm nice

Be patient and be happy that this is even available. Like any first gen release, there will be initial headaches as they work out the kinks. On the brightside, you’re only losing at most 2 hearts and it’s not going toward a pvp crate.


A couple things to keep in mind:

  1. As always, the matchmaker seeks to find the BEST match available from who else is available and searching. BEST doesn’t always mean ideal. It means the pick of what’s available.

  2. Further to this, the update is six hours old, and the Google Play Store only updated less than two hours ago. There aren’t as many players playing right now, which means fewer great/perfect matches. This will improve with time as more people update and adopt the new game mode.


Hey munnin when can I get jackal from Glided crate ???

That makes sense, but shouldn’t these people be facing bots? There is no way for them tor realistically beat a team double in team power when they are running pretty balanced teams themselves.

If we gave them bots 100% of the time, it would be reproduce-able, abuse-able, and exploitable.

Easy PVP gems ever! :laughing:

Concordo…otima pergunta??? Cade?

Spend more and upgrade ASAP. You will win after more costs and time. But it is regrettable that it is impossible to get fair matches.

I know how you feel, i matched with an 8 star platinum team against maxed out ruby’s

I’m not saying every time, just when closer matches can’t be found. I would hope at least some other people are playing to prevent this big of differences in team power. If not, maybe have them face a few bots then face a team like this?

I dunno, this is the problem with basing it strictly on team power rather than having a system that bases it on your win/loss and actual skill like most FPS games.