Once again you do the egg hunt inaccessible

Putting eggs at the14th District Hard Mode will prevent most 85+ players from getting all the eggs. Only the whales and older (veteran) players will be able to get the rewards for finding all the eggs. Shame on you HH.


It has always been that way and that’s just how it will always be. Up until recently there was no other way of obtaining the skins but now the vault crate exists so don’t fret you can try your chances with the vault tokens you earn from other events.


Mate stop crying, Be glad they atleast added another egg hunt, praise you hh

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I am not worried I have access to 14 - 10 hard mission, but many players do not. Plus its not just the skin, since Pris has already a rare skin, its rest of the reward that will be inaccessible to many players.

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idk what you mean by “whales”, but its always been like this. if you miss out on the skin, there is always the vault token to look forward to.

i myself know i wont get the pris skin. but the flatline skin? debating


I’ve played for 2 years, I’m above 1mill power, and I still can’t get to district 14 hard. I’m pissed too. It isn’t fair to us veteran players that dump our money onto them and they can’t simply let us a get a skin, portrait, and some tokens. I totally know what u mean. I hope HH fixes this because this is a perfect example of why so many veteran players that spent thousands of dollars on this game are quitting and it’s only a disadvantage for them. This game will die before they fix it :confused:


The skin as Gale said, will still be obtainable through other means if you miss your chance this time. Egg hunting still nets you with enough credits to purchase high tier MK gear along the way, so it is not like you are missing out on everything by not being able to complete a few campaign missions.

Consider the skin as an achievement reward for completing all the tasks and an incentive for you to develop your roster further to take on high end missions.


You mean consider a skin a consolation prize?

14-10 hard is not that difficult. Players have done it with less power. The team for 14-10 hard is. Kaishi kuno flatline phalanx and kobold. Initiate (bronze skill) of kaishi to Wesson and then jump on kuno and finish Wesson off. The first 10 seconds should be done. And may take a few try’s too. For me took like 10 try’s till I’ve done it. The rest of 14 district try to use the ronin meta back on the Days. Ronin drake flatline Caine and halo. Done district 14 within the next day that came out. Which I was level 85 too.

Control Astrix. Aim for Wesson.

Everyone is saying to get it from the vault crate tokens… well it only comes from most wanted tokens which u only obtain from getting the last milestone of bounty. The vault crate tokens have the lowest percentage, so you’d have to be really lucky to get that. Then if u get that, you’d have to be really luck to get that specific skin. Just think about it :/.

They are not only in the MW tokens. We got 2 free from this event and will likely be in future events going forwards as Skathi has said previously

There are no plans to make the final reward any easier during this event. Your feedback will be recorded, but I can’t promise future events will be any easier. They’re designed to be a challenge. If we meant the Scavenger Hunt to be effortless, we wouldn’t bother making you put in effort to earn an exclusive skin, and would just hand it out to everyone. That makes it less special. This one, like a lot of things in Hero Hunters, means more because it has to be earned.