Pandas of Doom is recruiting!

The Pandas of Doom is a new alliance built around a core of 95+ players. We spun off to create a group that is focused on teamwork and collaboration, where everyone pulls their own weight.

If you are a player that is level 80+ that is willing to be active on chat, work collaboratively during bounties and war, join our growing alliance!

You can reach out to me or our XO if you are interested.
Commander: UberGaijin (discord: ubergaijin#5584)
XO: Gremlin (discord: zippyRL#8826)

:v:t2::grimacing: I want an alliance more I have a question you guys arrive at the first prize of the hunt ??? I’m NV100

Hey there,

We were top prize in bounty in our previously alliance, but we are starting with a smaller group now. We have to build back up to that, but that is definitely the plan.