Perhaps a clocker or anti-clocker?

I’ve been playing this game as I really like it, though the only pressing threats so far are technicians, healers, and possibly big damage dealer. But I’ve also played some other fighting games where the fighter gets stronger or weaker as the fight goes on, but we don’t have anything really that close (best we got is corresponding to allies dying). So the idea could be as simple as, every x seconds improve basic damage by y, or improve armor. The opposite could also put pressure on the opponent, or use a “equipment” mechanic, for instance, this fighter begins with 150 bonus weapon damage until her health drops below 75%, and her gold skill could be sacrificing her “equip” to deal a powerful 500 elemental damage at an enemy, or perhaps just spending four seconds to regain the weapon but exposing herself out of cover.

Cinder is like that. As damage gets destroyed, she gains health and damage. Mixed with keel and baron, her stats go through the roof.

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