Petition to Add Things to Mxeno's Story

This is a petition to add some interesting developments to User Mxeno Scorpion’s Unofficial Story

  • A. Add Caine’s Fresh Shawarmas and Fried Chicken Resturaunt
  • B. Add a Galante Factory
  • C. Add Discord Community Member’s
  • D. Options A and B
  • E. Options B and C
  • F. Options A and C
  • G. Options A, B, and C

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Didnt think you’d actually do it mate i love it

AHEM… I think I preferred it better when it was " Caine’s Crispy Chciken" :wink: Do you think it would be Cajun or Buttermilk fried chicken?

I remember seeing the story, but seem to have lost the page… could you post a link to the forum post it’s in, here? :slight_smile:

This is the link to his Google doc of the story, You are welcome

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Buttermilk and Cajun fried chicken. Extra crispy with the KLG Official Brand Ketchup

DM me for the original name lol.

Don’t it’s a trap srsly I warned you

God I love all the support, it keeps me happy


IDK, I’ll copyright CCC

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