Petition to All my Fellow Community Members

We want a background restauraunt called Caine’s Crispy Chicken and Fresh Shawarmas by yours truly, Chef Caine himself.I would like it to be in the official game as an event or building in the background. And we should add it mxeno’s story as well. It’s got the best ketchup in town. It has Kurtz’s approval as the official KLG brand tomato juice.
Suggestion by: Nham
Post: Atlas
Please comment to sign said petition. Do it for your favorite Black Ops Armorer.

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FYI Caine’s Crispy Chicken wasnt the original name…

I very much know
I’m not gonna metion it.

Why not Shawarma Caine?

Does shawarma have ketchup in it?

If you are feeling adventurous, everything can have ketchup

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You all know that Caine’s got a ketchup and a mustard dispenser on his back right?
We need a BBQ King Caine skin.


Yes I know he has ketchup and mustard dispenser on his pack.

They should have that

I’m hearing a lot of good ideas here, and my only qualm is that I can only hear them for the first time once.

Only mayonnaise and pickle

So cain is missing a white mayonnaise dispenser on his
And he will become the ultimate dispenser

Raiing Caines anyone?

Hire Kunoichi as the head waitress and I’ll give a vote.


Put her in a playboy bunny suit.

Bottom text.