Platinum Draft, Silver Draft

Varying the number of heroes selected each round of an unchanging L50 Gold+1 draft brawl… doesn’t actually provide that much variety. It would be more fun and interesting (for me at least) if some of the draft brawls were up at platinum or plat+X level and some were down lower, at silver anyways—a bronze or green draft might not have a whole lot of flavor.

Plat drafts especially would give newer players a taste of plat heroes and strats—and not just newer players, really. Even though I have 20+ plat heroes, that still means most of my heroes are not plat, which means an opportunity to play around with them as temporary plats might help with deciding who to plat next.

And silver drafts would give the newest players a chance to maybe use strats they’ve already mastered (which will break at gold or platinum) and force the rest of us to reorient, temporarily, to life without our almighty passive skills.


Agreed. I’m shocked actually that they haven’t branched out at all with the drafts. Changing the number of heroes picked in each round does nothing to add variety when the current balance climate of the game is so terrible.

Changing to Plat, Silver, even Green would be a lot of fun and a very interesting new experience.


I mentioned plat once last week, you perfectly worded this, I really want a plat brawl


Plat brawls should be off the table cos it will be dominated by heavy revive meta or Mauler-Halo-Ifrit and will absolutely wreck the majority of lower levelled players who (1) are level 60 or below (2) have not unlocked any of them (3) have not played them before.

To add unlimited lives to revive meta or Mauler based team comps… is gonna make it really oppressive.

While I agree that Draft PVP is stale as hell, unfortunately plat Draft PVP will make it a big turn off.

Just my views.

Plat brawls would be imbalanced with certain heroes but that should just give HHG more of a reason to fix those heroes.

Silver draft would be decent but you’d still see many of the same core heroes minus Mandrake.

To be honest I don’t want draft. I don’t care about the format less is better.

The 2, 1, 1, 1 was the worst so far. It takes to long and I don’t adapt my choices anyhow.

Plat draft is something i would get behind. Some heros / heros combination only work if you take in their plat skills.

It would also allow me to test out my remaining silver/green heroes as plat before i start promoting them.

The only way newer player would be penalized in a plat draft is linked to their unlocked heroes. Same thing with regular gold draft though.

At this point i would not enjoy a silver draft, but that’s because i’m used to heros’ gold and plat skill and am depending on them now. Silver/gold is also pretty easy to promote up to now.

Plat brawl would be oppressive with resurrection meta and frustrating because matches would be longer and without the pvp gem gain

Here’s an idea for a brawl. Not every time mind you. Once a month or once every other month HH block the 10 most used heros in PvP. It would give people an opportunity to actually play other combinations than a meta in PvP, because I know right now, if I don’t use a meta or semi-meta I’m loosing. It will cause people to look for other combinations of heros that work well together.


@Szan you have my support

And mine

Not necessarily as a brawl but a pvp event with a different (or no) meta would be great.

This is true for those who are already used to plat fights. But it would also serve as a preview purpose for the newer players who have yet to promote many heroes.

Thus, giving them input on who they should prioritize in their development

Hmm, maybe a platinum showcase event, where a certain list of heroes is available unlocked or not—like what they did with Oracle a few months back, but on a bigger scale, about twelve to fifteen names. Are there, say, three entire factions that contain heroes that are potentially good but not meta? There is certainly at least one faction where basically every hero is weak (vanilla klg), and that’s not what we want to show off here. Shoremen, patriots, and klg irregulars all have heroes I love that don’t really break the game (flatline is debatable). Or the watch or the rangers, give people 48 quality hours with artemis or prophet… :slight_smile:

I’ve always found mandrake to be easy to deal with unless I’m doing afk autoplay.

…but that’s exactly why platinum draft would be awesome. When did revive meta take over? When did panzer meta take over? What about Mauler/Halo teams? Revive meta was absolutely not a thing before Flatline, and not as strong before Ifrit. Panzer meta came out strong and then faded into the background of “good but not the best”. Mauler and Halo had been around for a long time, but it was months after Ifrit’s introduction that mauler teams started to take over the meta. Who’s to say that in February we won’t be complaining about the Cinder cover meta, or the Min/Anvil/Chesterfield silence meta, or whatever?

If every hh player can play around with all of the plats, or even just plats of the heroes they’ve unlocked so far, in certain rewarding environments (duel doesn’t count because no rewards) it give us, what, twice as many brains to find new combos? Ten times as many?? Something fun could come from that.

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Maybe HH could publish a list of the ten most played, too, in rank order. Maybe even put them on a 24-hour blackout in all game modes? I mean, if it’s not fun the first time we don’t have to do it a second time. Like the way that 40-second bounties haven’t returned.

Edit: maybe send those ten heroes on a “vacation” for valentine’s day or something.

Edit redux: and give out a reward to compensate for taking everyone’s favorite heroes away for a day.

That’s kind of what I am thinking. I am not a high VIP and don’t have a ton of 10*, plat heroes. I have the meta ones because I can’t afford to try new things out and not have them work. When it takes months to get a hero 10* and plat with a few bars you can’t really try heroes that may or may not end up terrible.

Right now I would love to try some new combos out. I want to try Ronin, Savage, etc. However, since mine are too weak and there is no easy way to get them up I have just abandoned them for the most part in favor or working on Mauler and Halo.

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