Platinum skill

Months ago received message Update in game mail box that said platinum skill coming soon
Any more info about that would like to know because platinum resources take a lot of time

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Was this message sent before they implemented the Platinum skills?
All Platinum skills are passive skills (you can’t manually trigger a Platinum skill, they just work like adding stats boosting %, changing the terms of Bronze / Silver / Gold skills). Maybe that’s what the message said? Something like “now we release the Platinum skills yadda yadda yadda - all Platinum skills are passive skills” and some more yadda. This just makes sense to me but I am hoping for input from someone else because I didn’t even play this game before Platinum skills came so I never seen this message you are referring to.

Instead of asking me ask the developers
Post aren’t for just asking the person who posted it
it’s about trying to get info from a group
Maybe something you haven’t heard about
If you’re going to follow me and get right

The forum is for players to discuss on.
I am sorry for once again violating the rules you have decided on this forum. I won’t ever give you a reply again.

If you don’t want people to discuss your topics then please consider asking your question directly to the developers via the in game support feature (can be found if you click your avatar in the corner and then SUPPORT > CONTACT US.