[POLL] What do you do when you spent 60k bucks and summon a 60-coins Plat-bounty?

  • Scream loudly. Your neighbours complain every time.
  • Shake your head untill your feels dizzy
  • Pray for better luck to the Goddess of Luck
  • Curse DEVil for your bad luck
  • All alternatives

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I summon and attack, I stopped caring about that a long time ago although I do get excited for a ruby bounty.


I wouldn’t spend to summon. And if i did, I’d just attack. Doesn’t matter the level and rank, just attack


I’d like to present my own option: Smack head into pillow while screaming loudly. If pillow not present use chair to ram teeth into


Funny Poll. I’m voting outta fun. Need more to chill.:+1:


How’s exactly a plat bounty give 60 points?
Usually it was hundreds…

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Hey! Points is another thing. Im talking about the “shiny thing” drops from each bounty killed.

For instance, the SS shows a bald Cyphon which drops 99 coins when killed, used for Alliance ranking.

But if you kill him alone you will score some millions (7,524,177 in this run) of “Total damage inflicted”. This damage accumulates to rank your position on your Alliance.

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