Poobgloob's New YouTube Channel

Hey everybody!

I started a new YouTube Channel today, which I am very new and unfamiliar with. I am hoping that you guys check it out and give me some feedback on my videos, as I would like to improve and make more content for everyone. If you enjoy the videos, please like, comment, and subscribe! If you don’t enjoy them, please tell me how I can improve, as this is something I would like to start doing when I have time.


Below is the link to my channel!!



Awesome stuff @Poobgloob !



Thanks @Howitzer
I will be regularly posting content, as well as PvP LiveStreams.

Here is my first PvP LiveStream (which I didn’t know my mic was muted the entire time…)

In each PvP LiveStream, I will add QuickSkip buttons to the beginnings of all the fights in the video’s description and mention player’s in-game names, as well as the results.

[W] = I won
[L] = I lost

Be sure and check for your name to re-watch our fight!

If I beat you, there is always chance for redemption…
If you beat me, you can rub it in my face! :laughing:

I will try and LiveStream the Dev-astation 2 event if I can make it on-line at that time!

If you like the videos and want to see more, go Subscribe! :slight_smile:


great videos! Keep it up!

I was the #2 subscriber lol


@Skoram Thanks man! Just posted a new video.

New intro, new outro, and new thumbnail design.
Check it out!


By the way, you whooped my butt in PVP the other day. Hope you don’t post that on your youtube channel! lol


@Skoram Hahaha :laughing: I actually remember that!
Unfortunately, I wasn’t recording at the time of that fight, otherwise I would’ve :wink:

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Hey guys, I’m making this into a video series, please help me come up with a name for it! LOL, check it out.

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Hey just wanted you to know I like the videos! Keep it up. I tried to comment on your YouTube video but I didn’t see a comment section anywhere. Anyway the video was very helpful to me I love the bounty hunts but there is only like two people in my alliance that actually play everyday. What should I do?

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If you wanna see some heroes do some cringey Chicken Dancing, this video’s for you


Yanlong even brings the fireworks :smiley:

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Thanks for making me laugh :joy:

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