Pre-Server Update Idea

So after many months and countless kills I have performed on this wonderful adventure, I would simply like to throw out a request regading the updates. I am certain that many others would highly agree with this topic, it may as well be this simple as well. With more people becoming active to this game and the forums I would like to see a poll system for some future updates or even a small questionaire (1-2 min long, 5gold bars to simply get more people active). I truly believe that this would help build a better relationship between the staff and us.

Now if you agree with this and have any spcific ideas to what the questionaire should contain let them know about it now :slight_smile:


As good as this idea is in general, it is not worth the effort, since many would just answer the poll randomly for the gold, or would demand for more gold, more frags etc.

Or instead of gold give a x10 silver crate it’s something

Some random gift for contributing to the cause, of polls of somesort

  1. They’ve actually done… well, not polls, but they were more like surveys, in the past.
  2. You could make your own polls as well, if only to gather data on who likes a certain idea, for example.

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