Rebirths Idea

I was wondering what everyone would think about having rebirths added to the game, basically where you can reset your heroes at a certain point in addition to them having more power, damage, and health. Maybe even being able to upgrade their skills even higher than your current level or other bonuses like that. It could also vary on your level or bracket to determine when you’re able to rebirth.

Let me know what you think :).


Might be possible in the future, but no player is at the end yet, so.

Finish your pizza before you have your ice cream :slight_smile:


It will be great if we can DEMOTE and DEGRADE heroes bars and stars

@Muninn sometimes I eat my pizza at the same time as my ice cream. Get the best of both worlds in one bite. :slightly_smiling_face::upside_down_face:


I can see that leading to nothing but sandbagging even worse in pvp

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Have to agree, until we are there we will see, and hopefully it’s not required to go even higher level

People would abuse it in much more ways than you could imagine.

No. Just no. Horrible idea.

Maybe a hero similar to flatline or Irfit ? That seems more doable.

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