Refill, Equip All, Craft All, etc constantly flashing on screen

I don’t have epilepsy or anything like that, but it bothers my eyes when those things are constantly flashing onto my screen, especially the “Refill” button after I empty my skill points.

I recorded the “Refill” button coming into view and checked it frame by frame afterward, and it literally flashes the entire screen for a few frames before becoming its normal size.

Then there are times where I’m broke and stocked up on skill points, so nothing flashes onto the screen, and I breathe a sigh of relief: “ah, much better.”

Maybe just have it so that the buttons are just there, without them crash-landing into place. That’d be nice.

Welcome to the psychology of freemium mobile games. Flashy buttons and indicators make your mind want to make them go away. Games use this tactic to get you to use resources to make that happen. The act of making the button stop flashing gives your brain satisfaction, so you’re more likely to exhaust what you have in order to get that feeling.

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