[Resolved] Gorgon Wakes Coop “Play Again” bug?

I’ve had this happen a couple times over the past 2 months. Not exactly sure what the cause was, but I’m fairly certain both players didn’t drop internet connection. This seems to affect GW coop auto-matchups; I haven’t encountered this on coop with friends.

I did a quick search on the older forum posts; hope I’m not the only one having this problem :sweat_smile:

Edit: Playing on iPad Air 2, iOS12

If the other player leaves during/after the mission, then the play again button will not be available since there is nobody to send the invite to.

Edited to add: I don’t ever run my gorgon co-ops unless I have to. If I’m only at 2/3 coops for the daily quest (2 from a dojo/CH trade) then I’ll play one gorgon on auto and just close the app because the gorgon co-op is agonizingly boring. That way I still get the daily quest for 3 co-op wins.

Thanks for the reply Papa_Marsh! I’ll check again with the player if this happens in future. Felt kinda guilty not reciprocating the initial invite :sweat_smile:

GW really needs to be changed out it sucks I do the same i don’t even play it if I don’t have to.

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