[RIDAZ] Skull Crushers Alpha recruiting! Lv 35 and higher!

Alliance Wars are upon us! Help us help you! Join up with:


Minimum team level 35! We are not a strict alliance; just join up, play events, and if you’re new, you can benefit from our very active members, many who are level 85 with team powers 450,000 or higher! You won’t regret it when bounty time comes around!:+1:If you’re a veteran, we want you as well!

We have had members take off; every alliance does. We still have loyal members who have been around since Hero Hunters set off running. Remember the Cinco de Mayo Matador icon :wink:? Now we just want to refill our ranks! Help us and we will return the favor!

UPDATE: Added total team power and stars in below screen. Full transparency: we are sitting on 12/25 active members. Open and honest!

Spots are still open if anyone is looking! Min. Level is back to 35! Help us get into alliance wars and we will return the favor!

Also interested in possibly merging alliances if anyone has a 13 person or smaller alliance. Just get in contact with me!