Riddle me this: Beck has SMG's on her back, so why isn't she using them?

Her platinum skill has the SMG’s as a silhouette but she has no way of using them directly. Are they just there for aesthetic? Are they even SMG’s at all?

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I think it is just like Clyde’s second pistol, there for “flavor”.

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Actually Clyde uses his second pistol with Quick Draw

But yeah, these guns on her back are just for show.

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Well I be damned he does use it…I just went and looked at the preview vid on the skill. :slight_smile:

Odd that they put the second gun there just to do that. But then again, at least he using it unlike “Back Bling Beck” :smile:

When you see a midline breacher then excpect anything from them .lol

She changes guns between battles to prevent overheat. We just can’t see her do that between battles. :laughing:

It be cool if it was incorporated into her legendary skill. Like swap to high damage high magazine dual SMG for one clip. Then return to fully loaded pistols.

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it is the measure of a true badass.

She has ready access to a pair of better guns, but chooses to kill people with a shittier set to keep it a fair fight.