Ruby duels & Ruby drafts

Ruby has been out for a few months already, many people have them, and others are still searching for what exactly they want ruby, wouldn’t it be a cool addition to the game if we could have a few ruby drafts, and maybe even ruby duels, it would help out a lot of players and would be very cool, let me know what you think about it!


No reason for not giving us ruby in duels… Finally, after a while someone again ask about this, hope this time Ruby will come in duel.

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I think it’s a good idea so I can test each hero in ruby ​​and see which ones to evolve. c3eeda27808249f6ed387b0137d8b3b581be3d1ec344530b7c15a149829aae2a.0

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Exactly, i’ve been thinking lately what i wanted to get ready for ruby, but i can’t really decide if i can’t see for myself

yes… everyone give advices but at the end we evolve the hero we like… i just have 5 ruby and I don’t know really which one will be the next…