Scavenger Hunt issue

I try got pumpkin #84, find it, but this is was already ruined. This is was first time run. I don’t play at this level after Scavenger Hunt is starting. I finished mission, but pumpkin still has uncollected status. I run mission again and pumpkin rise from dead. What happens? If you got heroes with AOE skills which may ruin objects on level and your heroes under AI control activated this – item will be destroyed, but you don’t get this. For my issue Phalanx silver skill which she used in first wave broke pumpkin in second wave. Maybe this will help to someone. And maybe devs do something with that in next Hunts.

Check if you are running the correct difficulty (normal or hard).

Difficulty was correct. Mission with this pumpkin have limit of try. Plus as I said this was with visible parts of smashed pumpkin.

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