Season 5 Specialist leaderboard

Can’t anyone see this themselves in-game…? What’s the point of posting it here?


Well, i cant speak for everyone else, but i for one have never been able to view previous war history once ive claimed my rewards.
If i recall correctly, some users did in fact request the results after season 1 and the only ones ive seen posted are from muninn after season 2.
I play from australia, so by the time i go to bed there’s usually several hours of war left and its over before i wake up. If We have a neck-and-neck race to the finish, this is the only way i can see the results.

Personally, id love to see the results acessible like the hall of champion leaderboard, but even further than that - it would be fantastic to see the map after the game is over because the other thing that i miss knowing is our final positioning and territory gain. It makes it hard to learn without knowing all the information.
I even find myself occasionally logging in before the results are processed, and have to hope there’s a team member on who was live at the time the war ended.

P.S. - note to the Devs - while i do believe these suggestions would make the game more user friendly, i am in no way requesting they be added as a priority.