Stone, Astral Hero

Stone ,was sent to deal supplies to klg irregular ignoring the Patriots and dealing only to Kurtz .Luciana warned keir of incoming forces and the rage that can be brought if stone decides to stay.

Stone; Astral ;Klg Irregular
Stone is a midline barbarian yielding a sheild of doom.Able to reflect I’m coming damage back to his apponet and store their enemies power for a powerful counter strike that can’t be control.

Weapon of choice; Spear ammo size 5 Spears. Reload graphic (reloads by reaching down picking up Spears holding 1 in throwing hand and other 4 in none throwing hand,sheild is located on shoulder only uses during sliver skill.

Bronze skill; Stone throws a spear capable of dealing 1 of 3 effects

  1. The spear drains life for 6 sec.
    2.The spear marks the enemy for 6 sec.
    3.The spear stuns apponet for 6 sec.

Sliver skill; Stone lifts sheild to drain enemies skill power using his sheild and return it after 6 sec delay reflecting 50% damage back to his enemy. (Can only be used if enemy uses skill)

Gold skill, Passive; Stone increase team haste when below 30% of health and boost all allies health for 6 sec while Below 30% Of Health

Platinum Skill; Warrior Spirit , for each sec Stone stays alive on battlefield he gains 6% armor. Armor goes up per sec of match.

Ruby Skill ; Support

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