"Tactical academics formula" a war strategy column

I want to begin a strategy column for religious players to discuss their tactics and strategic quality

I dont think any one will share their secret of success

“For once an enemy will roll their graves in so their undoing for Tao she pin approves his rival lordsman that he revealed his weakness thru secrecy” Zhao-ryu script of the 7 or I_matzu Kai ‘the creative winds of shadow’ trust me, a column in specializing parameter squad defenses rules out better than a strike force regiment too angered by grunt and rage. So… Not really of secrets my friend–DIPLOMAT8C. Is the policy regarding academic tactical intelligence to those inquiring enough to LEARN it so they can be better challenge on game time

We attack and defend zones. :upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face: does that help?

Well luckily in upper mythic everyone knows these so here’s a few tips that may help others:


  1. If enemy uses surprise attack to capture multiple zone needed to block you off, only recapture one of them. For example if an enemy suprises two zones and the shields drop, only recapture one. That way if they block you off again, you can attack the other zone and reestablish points. Recapturing both means that in 3 hours, both will be available to be taken by the enemy again for another double 3 hour shield (and loss of 3 hours of points)

Maximizing Points

  1. Ensure every zone has a bonus hero, even the non-starred
  2. Prior to capturing (especially star zones), use bonus hero to give capture bonus points

In beginning use surprise attack to capture 2* sectors first then reconnect later. :joy:

NO ONE DOES THAT! :crazy_face:

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That’s of no use. IMO surprise attack is just wastage of bp unless u want to activate infiltrator