The dance the Heroes do when you raise your Team Level is the most unenthusiastic dance I've seen in a video game

Their body language speaks joy, yet their faces betray pain. At the very least, have our stone-faced Heroes smirk or something.

Edit: I mean look at them. image

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I love it this way, because the one in the middle claps slowly. Someone slow-clapping with that serious face makes it look really condescending. It makes me laugh :smiley:

“Great,” Maven said condescendingly. “We got another level, Commander.”

“With all due respect, can we go home now?” Salvatore asked.

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well this is simply because war is hell. the only ones to smile either lost their minds or are deeply disturbed.

or they can just give you a thumbs up :man_shrugging:

I seen maven dogface and Beck doing this they dance and waste their bucks

This is the real deal!

Not good enough. She is enjoying it. The heroes dont

Someone try to record your screen right before you level up!

Nightingale making it rain and shit and I’m over here like, “STOOOOOP, we hardly get enough as it is!”