The Ultimate Hero: Chuck Norris

All elements
He doesn’t need a faction

Hp :infinity:
Armor :infinity:
Damage :infinity:
Skills :infinity:

You don’t need any heroes other than Chuck.

Bronze: Rotating Kick - throws a kick so powerful that it eliminates all the heroes of the opponent in use and not

Silver: Presence - makes the enemy feel his presence

Gold: Absolute Power - overcomes the barrier of infinity and disproportionately increases his statistics

Platinum: Deleted From the System - his presence alone instantly deletes the opponent’s account

Appearence: it’s Chuck Norris, there’s no need to add anything else

He doesn’t use weapons and he doesn’t need to crouch down, he stays up all the time with his arms folded, avoiding all the damage.

bullets are too scared to hit him

And one last thing, it’s not you who wants him, it’s he who decides where to go