The vanguard

lately I have been improving the vanguar as you can see in the picture

pero el problema es que ni mejorando al vanguard no mejora nada. ni un poco de ataque de daño se suma.

and apart from doing almost no harm, or against the biochemical makes a difference. and it takes a long time, but a lot of recharging apart from doing little damage. that does not apply. for the best, decrease the recharge time of the vanguar weapon. since neither in pvp they let him finish loading the weapon he has. even the dog face destroys it before it charges its miserable arm that no harm does.

Even the worst hero ends up eliminating him.

Yep. He’s really only useful for giving an incredible amount of shielding to one ally at a time. Imagine having a whole team with 400k+ shields. Then again, this game is unbalanced af. So like you said, “even the worst hero can end up eliminating him.”