Three heroes of simulator min

it’s just very simple :slight_smile::smirk::grin::smirk::slight_smile::grin:


I found some interesting stuff in this mode. I’m afraid to call it a mistake, otherwise you will block this message)

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Damn u beat up my Godlante army lol

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Great work and nice music in the background! Awesome work Kolgan!!!

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I’m impressed that you had the time and patient to work through 400 stages. That probably took forever. I also think that the simulator uses the team power that you use to determine the power of the enemies. Anyways good work I got bored and quit after stage 55.

even if you take three heroes. all the same requirements will be cruel.

I wasn’t meaning that running three heroes makes it easy or a cake walk. Just that in general the power of the enemies is based on your team power. Good work and enjoyed the videos on your YouTube Channel!