Trolls & Spambots

Why don’t I see a lot of trolls, spambots, con artists, solicitors on HH?

Remember in the good old days of GoW or WoW you would get a endless trolls cursing, being inappropriate, rambling nonsense, and looking for dates. Even Halo 2 & Call of Duty was hearth a plenty.

Please let them be released. Please let them out. Ring all the bells. Unleash the hounds. Activate the sirens. Become One with Troll.

If it’s toxicity you’re looking for my friend then you’re in the right place, welcome to the forums :joy::joy::joy:

I mean you kinda get that with VIP chat, lol.


SOOOO True @Vintermyst

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For a dollar, you can meet those people lmao

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Maybe cause the forums and the system have a good enough security that the trolls/spam bots don’t make it through.

If you want that first hand experience, check out VIP chat as others mentioned.

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