User-Programmable AI Behavior

I first ran across this concept in a real-time rpg, FFXII if I remember right. It involves a menu where you set a series of if-then priorities which control automated characters’ behavior. This tends to improve skill timing and targeting, and could also be used to lock out unwanted skill use and running back and forth.

Examples for the “if” side would be “Enemy-Lowest HP”, “Ally <50% Health”, “Enemy-Using Skill”, “Ally-Debuffed”, “Enemy-Main Hero’s Target”, or “Self-Any”.

And on the “then” side would be possible actions: Bronze Skill, Silver Skill, and basic attack.

So CM Nightingale (skinned) might be set up with:
1 Ally <90% Health —> Heal Wave
2 Self <90% Health —> Heal Wave
3 Enemy-Main Hero’s Target —> Locked In
4 Enemy-Main Hero’s Target —> Attack
5 Enemy-Lowest HP —> Attack

On the other hand, Maven might have:
1 Enemy-Using Channeled Skill —> Vampiric Cloud
2 Enemy-Using Support Skill —> Hallucinate
…and then the above attack priorities as 3 and 4; or just the basic attack targeting and never any skill use, but reliably hassling enemies as they use support skills would probably be worth a break in her dps. I’d sure be a lot less happy about playing against her if she was this smart.

Evasion and cover-seeking should also be programmable. For instance, setting a minimum amount of time after evading or seeking cover before the hero evades again. It’s not fun or challenging to lose a match because your best hitter or healer runs to the far side of the map and back three times instead of doing their job. Having that happen to the other guy isn’t really how I want to win, either.

Games with prog-AI don’t give you all of the options at once, either. You typically start out with only a few command slots and a few if and then statements, then unlock more as the game progresses. So we might start out with “Ally <70% HP” and have to work for “Ally <90% HP” and “Ally <50% HP”.

The option to use the basic, dumb AI should still be there. But trying to tailor AIs for dozens of different heroes could add a really fun depth of challenge to the game—not to mention making more heroes viable in pvp.

it’s called gambit right?
while i likes the concept i don’t know if they can implement it and it could turn ugly right away

I didn’t know it had a specific name, but it makes sense that it would.

Also I agree that it could turn ugly. But it could also turn awesome so maybe it’s worth the risk.

It sounds like a lot of hassle to get this going,
Keep in mind that the dumb AI in your team is put up against equally dumb AI from the opponents team.

Part of the problem IS that all AI is dumb and so good teams will just bring one really strong DPS with 4 support, they will pilot the DPS and guarantee victory over a team that relies on multiple DPS used by dumb AI.

Dragon Age used this concept too and while theoretically its a nice system, it would just end up being optimized by a select few and the 99% of players who don’t want to optimize AI for all their heroes would just be stuck with the current system.

This would be a good game mode.

I’d love the idea. The drawback though is that having personnalized IA for everyone would definitely slow the game down.

But man it would be great to be able to change ai so that your heroes decide to concentrate fire on 1 or 2 enemies at the same time.

If (enemy is close to death)
dont’t bother running around for cover.
shoot it dead.

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lol, i feel you

enemy 1-2 hit away, AI running around dodging skills, and then enemy got fully healed

The ai isn’t perfect, and that’s for a reason.

It would be bad if they would be to good cause no one will play manual again.

And this idea sounds funny, but it would come down to a few perfecting it, giving the perfect setup to a few guys to dominate, we nerf the heros that seem to op, and this process will start again.

This. So much this! Also “If (there is no cover)”…

yup , Gambit system is another name for it derived from final fantasy 12 but it’s in a lot of games. This system has been mentioned in past Conversations.

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