We will drown

We are stuck in not seeming too much. My entire team members will not be encouraged to get a new hero. The chance is small with bad luck. There was no money left for us like so much pressure on SUMMON to try to stop the rain We have used up all the money to replace this refining, but it is like rain. And the floods started
In my area, when the rain has ended, a lot of poisonous mushrooms are coming out from the ground! This is the case here right now


Dude… what…?

He’s basically saying way too many sgt. Johnson bounties

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Sorry for the bad expression, I affected our rainy weather :rofl:

Got all rainy after you said that. You must’ve did the rain dance with that speech of yours :joy::joy:


well, we with bad luck also but we such did with much. the left money pressure on our rains was poisoned as was the case there. our team members flooded the area of the ground with monies and, yay, got gud.

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