What’s your power ratio?🤔

Hello there! did you know that there is a formula to calculate your own power ratio?
It works like this:
Total Power Score divided by 1000 divided of total days is Power Ratio, so:
Total PS : 1000 : Total days

By calculating this you can know if you are above or under the average, it’s nothing of a big deal but it’s fun to know and brag about right?:smirk:

0.5 or below, is far under the average, you have probably been inactive for a lot of days!

1, average of a player, mostly logs in every day to do daily tasks, but doesn’t spend too much time either

1.5, you don’t miss a day! Or maybe sometimes :upside_down_face: but you never forget to loose that stamina and bucks to keep your heroes at the peak!

2, you log in every day for sure, you always do (most) daily tasks, you log in at least twice a day to make sure you don’t miss any rewards!

2.5, you can’t keep your hands of this game right🤨 you log in every few hours to get that extra stamina and you are sure of the wisest ways to spend that gold!

3 or above, you spend money do you?:thinking: or if you don’t you log in every few hours to get your bonus stamina, you probably fight to have the highest top heroes to make them bow for you at war​:relieved: and to attract new people to your alliance with the charming bars ofcourse.

5 to 10, you are a developer for sure, no doubt😎

Just to make clear, please do not feel offended, the descriptions are just a joke to hopefully make you smile, don’t take it too seriously😉
Be sure to put your Ratio in the comments, in game name isn’t neccesary but you can always do!

My power ratio: 1.33, it’s low as i didn’t do much between year 1 and 2 except for logging in and pvp.
In game name: M E L L O W

1.71, good enough for an overlord but I shouldn’t have taken a haitus

That’s pretty good! Above me at least

422,567 ÷1000÷766=0.6 (rounded to 1d.p.)

I’ve been inactive for a long time so I’m actually slightly happy at this

1,822,759 / 1,000 / 886 = 2.05!

Rawr. I’d argue I fall more into the 2.5 - 3 descriptions though :slight_smile:

McClure in game

Lmao got a score of 2.56.

1.78… hmmm… Was expecting a higher score. :man_shrugging:t2:

Based off the scale, I’d say I’m a 5+ at least. :joy: Minus the Developer part of course.

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I got almost a one but me playing this game is all over the place. My score was 0.995655497382199. Some days I am on maybe 10 times a day some days I am on once or not at all

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This does not make sense now, many of us have been playing for a long time since it was only possible to reach level 60 and less … It also counts a number of heroes, in these times many tokens are given away. It would be good for example to divide it by people who have between 100 to 250 days, from 251 to 500, from 501 to 700 and from 701 to +1000 days

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I’ll be the first one to say that this power ratio thing doesn’t make much sense to me.

And then I’ll take this opportunity to say my power level is “OVER 9000!!!”


2.17 for me to date :scream::scream:i play too much :rofl::rofl:

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1,977,861/1000/932 = 2.12

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My power ratio is 1.8 I took a long break a little after Omni left, came back and been on the grind ever since.


grind?.. So, now I’m increasing ur bounty minimum cuz, u know how much grinding u did in last 2 season :sweat_smile:

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800k / (1000 * 330 ) = 2.42…

Haven’t been focussing much on increasing Total Power but the Top 20 heroes for War . Tough to keep up with this number as increasing power becomes tough at higher level .

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I understand what you mean, but it’s the entire point of counting total days with, it’s to know how good you do at daily power gaining since you started, not since …

Interesting. 2041676/ (1000*638)= 3,20
Yes. Im fkng grinder only vip 10 :wink:
On the other hand I am or not the supreme KIM JONGUN ahahha

Based off the scale, around 2.5, based off the maths, 1.78

It’s not skill to do dailies or log in, or buy stuff, nothing is said about if it’s skill