What the hell do you call these things?

Real quick peoplpeoples. What do you call these; pvp shards, pop rubies, pvp money, pvp rewards and so on

What is the universal term?20180629_180405

PvP Gems… :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: (chars)

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Well that makes sense…lol

PvP gems too. Looks like gems

As long as the game itself calls them PVP Gems I’m also doing it.
When I played Marvel Puzzle Quest I had huge probelms with people calling stuff the wrong things.

Cards?! In that game you collect covers.
Medals?! Oh you mean Command Points.
Orbs…? I couldn’t stand when someone said they needed orbs. I guess they meant ISO-8 but I’m not sure.

I like to call these red thingies ‘stuff you get when you kill stuff with your stuff that allows you to buy new stuff’ or ‘red stuff’ for short. Not to be confused with the ‘blue stuff’ or the ‘yellow stuff’

I like to call these “locked-behind-Mandrake-devil-team gems.” No seriously, for me I feel PvP is Mandrake or bust.

I don’t use Mandrake and do extremely well in PvP. He is not the all mighty that he used to be.

Yeah, I have a 9* Platinum Mandrake and he is a part of my B team.