Wheel of misFORTUNE

"step right up and test your luck! Fight your way and win the prize(s)!!

What are the prizes you say? Why, CASH CASH CASH!!! :money_mouth_face::money_with_wings::money_with_wings::moneybag:

The further you make it, the greater the cash prize"

Hosted by Cyphon in his Gentleman outfit, he’s the perfect carnival conman to seal the deal.

Similar to other events, you have missions. Beat the team to move onto the next fight. The further you make it, the more cash you get.

Thought this would benefit folks that are short on cash. This especially helps at higher levels when there is a higher demand for cash to upgrade everything.

Bonus wheel concept: Had the idea that after passing certain missions (last mission of the easy, medium, hard, master, extreme), you have the opportunity to score an extra prize. Small chance to score some gold, you could win energy, some qw tickets or other forms of tokens. what i put in the wheel is just an example.


that skin is pretty dope, sorta mad I don’t have it.

I would love a carnival type of event with Gentleman Cyphon. Min having her simulator is nice, but I would love more events which utilized other areas.

Thanks. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. I’ll forward this to my team.

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