When will they wear joyous clothes?

When will these desperate poor heroes get the skins they deserve and there are heroes who have more than 3 skins? I beg of you, respected people, to rejoice in them, and we are with them. You will make a broad smile on our faces.

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Cause they have exclusive event skins
Can’t blame them, Ghoul have 2 events skins, Trickster and blue demon. Heroes will get more skins with due time

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Holiday event skins or just event unique skins. Who knows. Maybe they will get something in a Min sim or whatever holiday comes next. Or it can go to someone special.

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Yanlong needs a skin with a hat. That shiny bald head tho lol


Maaaaan,think about it though, Three months ago they had 0 skins. at least they all have at least 1 skin now.


A yanlong hipster skin would be awesome lol

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