"White Tier" skin for Fiber

I liked the look of fiber in the loading screen, unfortunately, the loading time took too much and made fiber look older, since chesterfield has his own Mythic skin, I was thinking of a white tier skin that costs 100 skin nanodust and is only a small change for the skin such as making the loading screen fiber appearance in-game

What exactly are you saying? Do you want a ‘stronger than all’ skin or do you want a skin of her with white hair?

No I want her loading screen appearance in the game

Her appearance in the loading screen is her default skin in game already. It only looks a tad different in the face just because of how it is drawn.

I think this is not drawn. Devs create characters models and than may do everything with them in redactor. So all this pictures it’s just renders with few extra effects.

The splash art is done by one of our artists. It’s not in-engine, and not using rendered models.

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