Why dis-allow the use of quick raids for event?

With reference to the recent solo blitz events (the latest being the energy mission event), why quick raids cannot count?

For players like me who is used to quick raiding while at work, it frustrated me whenever i forgot this event does not count the quick raids after i had quick raided out of habit. Stamna spent, no ponts earned, shrug…

Because part of it is that you beat it with the required characters and still 3 star it. If somebody 3 star’d a mission and unlocked quick wins there’s no way to know for certain they could 3 star that mission with the required team member. For instance with this event you need a Energy Tank hero for beginner replaced Butter already with Heimlock from an offer and left him unleveled adding him to the team weakens the team and may mean they can’t 3 star the mission they’re farming and since the requirement is to 3 star a mission with the specified class of hero they wouldn’t get points if they didn’t use said weak Butter. Quick Win it doesn’t even look at what team you have equipped and gives you essentially free rewards from 3 starring it a single time and thus would bypass the sub requirements. Hothead makes it pretty clear that quick wins don’t count so if you forget or don’t read it, it’s really on you not them, but there is clearly a reason they’re disabled.

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This can easily be resolved by adopting the method used for pvp with specific heroes;

That way, player must select a energy tank in the specific slot before he can click quick raid. If his team is below the recommended power, the chance of not getting 3 stars will be higher.

Except restricting players and forcing them to use a hero when they may simply want to advance for instance when they’re done with the event would cause issues as for adding a separate check the game has enough issues that affect real play-ability that convenience IMO should be placed on the back burner.

Sorry but I disagree.

The pvp event which require the players to select a specific hero did not have much after issues which proved that this is possible. Besides, the players are essentially paying to quick raids so why restrict them the option to quick raids?

Players like u can manual play and players like me can choose to quick raid if I choose to if u understand what I’m saying.

Not really a big deal.
This happened to me too, but I’m not blaming anyone else just because I didn’t read the rules; that is my own fault.
Read the rules of the event before participating.
And okay, you’re at work… just put it on auto-play. The final milestone is very achievable, even after flubbing up and using your stamina… it recharges.

I may sound rude, but this is an event, an optional content designed to reward active players. If you don’t want to play it and you want to do quick raids, you are allowed to. Its not mandatory to play the event :confused:


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