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Hello Hunters!

If there is something more valuable than MK V & VI cores, it’s the community’s feedback and opinion. :relieved: Our mission is to provide the loyal fans of our games with a continual cycle of entertainment and excitement that creates a unique experience they can find nowhere else. :muscle:

This is why we’d like to ask you to spare a minute of your time to give us a review or update your existing one :point_down:

iOS - https://clc.to/HHIOS

Google Play - https://clc.to/HHGPlay

Thank you!

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Definitely deserves the stars!! :sparkles::star::star_struck::star::sparkles:

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when the mk 5 and mk 6 cores appear in stores (not black market) or appear in coops or raids, I update my opinion and change the stars, otherwise from what I’ve seen so far NO SIGNIFICANT CHANGE even more for the time it was without update the game!!! I’m waiting.

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I wont put 5 :star: till i don’t get my Heavy Gunner

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That’s also useful feedback for us. Thank you!

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